The Consul

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Moldova in Bulgaria Eng. VESSELIN STOYCHEV CHIPEV

Born on 05.03.1978 in city of Plovdiv

Education and qualifications

  • 2002 – Acquires Master's degree, specialty in "Mechanization of production in the food processing and biotechnology industry" Higher Institute of Food Industry;
  • 2007 - Chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Commandos for Plovdiv
    Collective member of the IAU (International Anti-terrorist Unity)
    Permanent participant in the Council of Europe;
  • 2008 - Became a member of the National Union of Safety and Security;
  • 2009 - Expert of the "Combating corruption Committee " at the Council of Ministers;
  • 2015 - Was appointed Honorary Consul of the Republic of Moldova in Plovdiv, Bulgaria;
  • 2016 - Associated member of International Police Association.
  • 2017 - Awarded the title "Doctor Honoris Causa" by the European Higher School of Economics and Management with the decision of the Academic Council at the proposal of the President of EHSEM.
  • 2017 - Awarded by the Prime Minister of Moldova - Mr. Pavel Filip, with a First Degree Order.

Social skills and competences

  • Fluency in English and Russian language - written and spoken.

Professional career

  • Since 2006 - owner and manager of "West Trade Group" Ltd, specializing in the manufacture and maintenance, purchase and sale and repair of machinery for the tobacco industry and refitted to produce spare parts;
  • Since 2009 - Owner and Manager of the company "Royals Tobacco" Ltd - the partner of major manufacturers of cigarettes - King- "Kings Tobacco Interantional" EAD, "Bulgartabac Holding" AD. The company is a major supplier of auxiliary materials for the tobacco industry. Representative in Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine of the world's leading manufacturers of auxiliary materials for the tobacco industry - Nuova Crtiera Rossi srl (Italy), SWM Intl Group (France), BIMO Irplast S.P.A. (Italy);
  • Since 2011 - CEO and majority shareholder in "Black Sea Investment" joint-stock company with special investment purpose - one of the leading companies in Bulgaria in real estate investments. The main business activity of the company is the investment of funds raised through the issuance of securities, real estate, construction and improvements in them. Through its subsidiary "Capital City Center" Ltd manages and owns the largest commercial, financial, residential and office center in the town of Plovdiv - Capital City Center, Royal Spa Velingrad is also part of the company's assets;
  • Since 2013 - Owner and manager of the company "Euromax Logistic" Ltd - a company holding a license for international freight
  • Since 2014 - Owner and Manager of the company "Royal Industry" Ltd;
  • Since 2014 - CEO and Representative of the Board of Directors of the company "Royal Acetate Chemicals" AD;
  • Since 2015 - Owner and manager of the "Middle East Capital" Ltd - owner of the latest generation of luxury office building - Capital City Center II;
  • Since 2016 - Director of "Buena SPA" LTD activity management and administration of luxurious spa resorts.

Public activity, sponsorship and charity

Eng. Veselin Chipev supports and participates in numerous initiatives and celebrations of important dates, significant holidays and cultural and educational events in Bulgaria and Moldova. As an entrepreneur acting on the territory of Bulgaria and Moldova, he supports many events related to the strengthening of friendly relations between the two countries, especially in culture. For him it has always been important to promote the development of cultural relationships, these efforts have allowed for appearances of many collectives and cultural and educational institutions.

A large Bulgarian community lives in Moldova, where Eng. Veselin Chipev is an honored guest and is now part of its cultural and spiritual life. His support there is aimed at Bulgarians living there, for them not to forget their native language, culture and traditions.

At the same time in the growing Moldovan community in Plovdiv and Bulgaria, his involvement as Honorary Consul of the Republic of Moldova in Plovdiv is noticeable among both Moldovan citizens living and working in Plovdiv and among learning Moldovan students at the Universities of Plovdiv.