The Ambassador of Moldova His Excellency Mr. Stefan Gorda, and the Honorary Consul Veselin Chipev Met Ivan Totev

Monday, 29 May 2017

The mayor of Plovdiv Ivan Totev, the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova his Excellency Mr. Stefan Gorda and the Honorary Consul Veselin Chipev discussed at a meeting the Moldova's investment opportunities in Plovdiv and in Trakia Economic Zone. The main topic affected during the conversations, was the international economic relations of Plovdiv and the expansion of the world's companies on the Bulgarian market in the region.

Emphasis was also given to the development of Trakia Economic Zone over the past 20 years and the opportunities it offers for investment. His Excellency the Ambassador Gorda, was pleasantly surprised by the fact that in Plovdiv there are 40,000 students, 9 universities, and that the Plovdiv Municipality pursues a dual training policy, and for that purpose an educational board was established in the autumn of last year.

With this Plovdiv practically started building a successful relationship between the business and the students in the vocational schools, a total of 38 in the region. The plans are for the youngsters to succeed not only to realize their student practice in a company, but also to find their future jobs.

"Every day the city grows with people from nearby settlements, who find their livelihood in Plovdiv, so it is important to build roads and highways so as to ensure the necessary logistics of the business," the mayor Ivan Totev specified. According to him, the Plovdiv Municipality annually analyzes the economic development in order for the administration to benefit future investors and to meet their needs and progress by cooperating with them. “

„The big investors attract other big investors," the mayor specified. "But the process is slow and requires time," he finally added.

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